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Off-grid ESS project enters the final stages of prototyping

Did you know that it is possible to offer a cost-effective solution to millions of people living in off-grid areas?

Li-ion batteries as an energy storage option today gives people in areas of energy poverty a more comfortable and safer standard of living. We at GPBM Industry have several years of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing Li-ion ESS solutions. Okra Solar, with its mission to remove energy poverty and innovative tech platform to provide energy access, is a natural partner for our sustainability journey. Together we came up with a first of a kind off-grid ESS solution which we presented to the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF), and later got the funding for the project. During the past two years, we have been operating as the project management and handles everything from reporting to NCF, to documentation, to handling contracts and deals.

Today we are in the end of the prototype phase. The trusted technological partner and battery supplier for the project is none other than our sister company, EXO Industry. Their tasks in the project have been to design the battery pack, quality test the batteries, produce the prototypes and test the final product. We have steered the project towards the right path together with Okra Solar and the other involved companies.

The last step of the prototype phase is ensuring the battery solution is of finest quality and safety. As the pack is made with lithium ferro phosphate batteries, it requires the highest safety and quality certifications. We take the safety of lithium-ion batteries of utmost importance and always follow the latest regulations. Once the prototype phase is finalized, mass production at the production line at the EXO Industry headquarters in France will begin.

A child can read after sunset thanks to the ESS providing the household with electricity.

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