GPBM Industry has over 30 years of experience in designing powerful battery solutions for industrial applications. Our products are safe, reliable and used worldwide.


We offer you a large range of primary and rechargeable batteries, in various chemistries such as NiMH, lithium ion, lithium metal, alkaline and lead acid. Our engineers will support you in designing all the accompanying electronic systems that could be needed.

Without us, there would be no parking sensors. There would be no back-up solutions, no cameras, no pace-makers, no mobile phones, no laptops.

Nothing wireless.

We are an essential part of a modern life. We provide power to more devices around you than you would probably know.

We provide batteries. An essential part of life.



GPBM Industry is one of three divisions in GPBM Nordic, Italy and France. GPBM Nordic itself is one of the many companies under Cebon Group. The group has offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France and Hong Kong.

GPBM Industry has offices in the five countries listed below.

EXO Industry is another company under Cebon Group that we have the pleasure to work with. Together we aim to provide our customers with high quality, European-made, battery packs and accompanying electronics.

France office

64 ZAE du Trou Grillon

BP 49 - 91 280

St. Pierre du Perray, France

Italy office

Via Alessandro Volta 3

20090 Assago (MI), Italy

Norway office

Prof. Birkelandsvei 26B

NO-1081 Oslo, Norway

Sweden office

Argongatan 2B

43 153 Mölndal, Sweden

Denmark office

Middelfartvej 11 E

5000 Odense C, Denmark

64 ZAE du Trou Grillon

BP 49 - 91 280

St. Pierre du Perray, France



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Tel: +33 169 89 62 00

A division of GPBM Nordic.

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