Windflower - Compact windpower generator

  • Works at very low wind velocity (Starts at 1.5 m/s, 2.5 m/s to generate power)
  • Storm proof design
  • Rubber mounted generator for a completely silent operation
  • 25 years operational lifetime
  • Can be connected in series to generate more power
  • Compatible for rooftop installations
  • Energy provider for small homes and industries
  • Energy peak shaving for industries
  • Independent energy storage solution provider with batteries

Compact and efficient wind turbines for your roofs!

The Windflower is an optimal wind turbine with an unique design – also, it’s the most energy efficient in its size in the current market.

The Windflower is a direct consequence of years of deliberation and experimentation. It is designed and manufactured in Sweden, and consists of an extremely low speed generator with 14 neodymium magnets and a self regulating rotor. These elements and blended in a unique design which provides upto 20% more efficiency than the market leader in the same size!

Rotor diameter 2m
Net weight 28/32 kg
Cut-in wind speed 2 m/s
Rated power 1000W @ 12m/s
Max. output power 1200W @ 14m/s
Max. permissible wind 50m/s
Voltage (DC) 24V, 48V
Mounting diameter 50mm

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