KWUB USB / Public Multimedia
charging station

Suitable for

KWUB Applications

Public Multimedia charging station

KWUB USB recharges mobile phones and other USB devices anywhere, anytime. It is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to supply reliable energy in any situation. This complete and independent photovoltaic charging and storage station is 100-percent powered by daylight.It is the lightest customizable outdoor multimedia charging station on the market. It is smart, functional and easy to transport. Thanks to customisation, Kwub becomes a real object of communication. Offer extra service to your clients and increase your brand image.

Offer customers on-the-go recharging

Product benefits
  • More comfort and freedom
  • Offers both a stationary or movable usage
  • Smart, functional, easy to transport & install
  • Staying connected
  • Excellent shock and weather resistance
  • No maintenance required
  • Increase your brand awareness

Main Applications

Offering on-the-go recharging to anyone, for example in restaurants and parks etc. Anytime, anywhere.

Technical Specifications

  • Customizable plug-and-play solution
  • Size 70 cm x 70 cm x 150 cm
  • Weight app 55 kg
  • Module Photovoltaic module
  • polycrystalline
  • Plugs 2 x 5 USB plug
  • PV power and current 145Wc – 7.91A
  • Battery AGM Lead acid
  • Output 2,1A and 1A
  • Color and logo customization

KWUB Brochure - EN

KWUB Brochure - SE

URG0002 / GenSet Eliminitor Skid

Suitable for

URG0002 application

URG0002 GenSet Eliminitor Skid

  • Designed to provide back-up power and serves as UPS and independent power station that integrates renewable inputs for energy storage
  • Scalable energy capacity from 10KWh to 50KWh
  • Connects directly to generator to optimize generator use
  • Nominal voltage: 12V
  • Maximum capacity: 10kWh @ 3kW rate @ 23°C
  • Maximum discharge: 3kW continuous of AC
  • Control system optimizes use of generator

Product benefits
  • Plug-and-Play integration – set up in under 20 minutes
  • Cuts fuel transport cost and risk
  • Quite/Silent operation mode
  • Can be delivered with GPS tracking option
  • Economical: integrates renewable energy sources for additional savings
  • Compatible with modern commercial and military generators

Main applications
  • provides back-up power
  • Serves as a UPS
  • Connects directly to generator to optimize generator use
  • Can serve as independent power station
  • Integrates renewable inputs for energy storage

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 24V NATO, 48V nominal, 120VAC, solar
See chart for voltage ranges, power and connectors.
Output Voltage 24VDC NATO, 120VAC, 220VAC
See chart for voltage range, frequency and connectors.
Max. Capacity 10kWh @ 3kW rate @ 23°C
Max. Discharge 3kW continuous of AC
Required Airflow None required (no air conditioning required)
Battery Types Li-Ion Iron Phosphate
Size 38” x 53” x 33” (965mm x 1346mm x 838mm)
Weight ~1700 lbs (454 kg)
Operating Temperature Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
Charge: -20ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Self-Discharge ~10% per month
URG0002 Product Sheet

F Series / F Series Mobile PV generator

Suitable for

Ikube - Fseries Application

F Series Mobile PV generator

The F series is a mobile plug-and-play solution with an integrated PV module that easily provides electrical energy nywhere. It is ideal for professionals who require off-grid power, as well as for outdoor and promotional events.

The F series is available in different storage sizes, and a wind turbine can be added. There is no installation needed; the F series is ready for use within a few seconds.

Product benefits
  • Mobility.
  • Immediate power.
  • Immediate use.
  • No installation required.
  • Usage safety.

Main Applications

Suitable for all types of situations that require a mobile energy solution, both indoors and outdoors: Camping cars, work vans, construction sites, sports events etc.

Technical information:
F150 F50
PV power (WP) 1400 350
Inverter power (W) 3200 800
Batteries (N - V - AH) 8 - 6 – 225 2 – 12 – 145
Battery bank capacity (WH) 10800 3480
Dimensions closed (cm) 127 x 127 x 120 (h) 70 x 70 x 70 (h)
Dimensions opened (cm) 256 x 313 x 227 (h) 141 x 165 x 120 (h)
Weight (kg) 550 150

F Series Brochure

MCP System / Mobile and continuous 230V AC online UPS power system

Suitable for

MCP application

MCP System Mobile and continuous
230V AC online UPS power system

Reliable and efficient power systems are vital for medical equipment in hospitals and healthcare settings. It is also important for mobile working places to power its devices with mobile, efficient and reliable system.

This certified all-in-one power supply system contains two batteries. It is an intelligent power source to ensure the supply of uninter¬rupted power at all times. MCP System enables you replacing one of the two batteries without any interruption to the system, ”Hot Swap”. It helps you continuing power your medical instruments, machines or equipment while following the patients or continuing working in all type of mobile working place.

Product benefits
  • Uninterruptible power at all time (swap function)
  • 7 to 9 hours typical battery power (dependant upon-load) (longer if multiple batteries are used)
  • Smart, lightweight and easy to use pack design for quick removal
  • Helps to power while moving
  • Plug, Work and play

Main applications

For all types of applications requiring mobility such as medical, rescue operation and mobile working places

Technical Specifications

AC Input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Max 450W
DC Output 11-14.8VDC @ 17A, 18A for 5s
AC Output 175W / 230VAC - Peak load 1s: 230 W dependent on batteries state of charge
AC/DC Output Combined 175W
Charge Rate 10A
Battery Type 12V LiFePO4 batteries
User Interface Optional SOC and alert indicators (see accessories)
Connectors AC Input: IEC 320-C14
2x Battery Power: 4 position Mini-Fit Sr.
2x Battery Communication (SMBus): RJ45
Alert Indicator: RJ9 4P4C
Other: USB Type B - Non-operational
Size 357,1mm x 215,9mm x 88,9mm
Weight 4.7 kg - including one battery
Color Hospital white and grey
Exterior / Housing Anodized aluminum, plastic or aluminum end caps
Charging Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -50°C to 65°C (-58°F to 149°F)
Operating Altitude 27,000 ft. (8,229.6m)
Storage Altitude 55,000 ft. (16,764m)
Humidity 95% relative
Certifications UL60601-1
MCP System - Medical

MCP System - Mobile working places

HPOD-Mini / Smart Mobile Energy Tank

Suitable for

HPOD-Mini application

HPOD-Mini Smart Mobile Energy Tank

The HPOD is a smart, electric reservoir that can charge, store and supply energy at the same time.It allows you to have electricity to your equipement antyme, anywhere.

Thanks to its machine-to-machine interface, it connects to both the exterior energy sources and/or the energy-consuming equip¬ment (radio, lighting etc.).

This mobile light energy tank has four different recharging options: Connect it to the network, use the photovoltaic panels or wind turbine, recharge it on the road with the power generated by the car or recharge it with a generator.

It is very practical for all types of situations that require a transportable and mobile energy solution.

Product benefits
  • Plug and play.
  • No noise.
  • No fuel.
  • No oil.
  • No maintenance.

Main Applications
Plug directly your drills, sanders, electric saws, etc to the HPOD Mini. Power and charge your electro-portable tools thanks to this smart mobile energy tank.
Events & Outdoor activities and temporary facilities:
Power your stands, selling bubbles, site huts, outdoor & promotional events, shows, etc. Plug your computer, telephones, sound system, bar spots, instruments of music etc
Maintenance activity:
Provide to your maintenance teams a reserve of electricity ensuring autonomy and mobility. It allows to connect tools and lighting in off grid zones.

Technical information:
AGM Lead acid HPOD Mini Models Lithium ion HPOD Mini Models
Power available from module alone 1 kVA 3 kVA 3 kVA 3 kVA
Apparent Power 0,8 kW 2,4 kW 2,4 kW 2,4 kW
Output voltage 230 V
Single-phase P+E+N
Battery max. capacity 3 kWh 3 kWh 2,88 kWh 3,9 kWh
Dimensions 560x670x650 mm
Weight (approx.) 95 kg 97 kg 72 kg 72 kg

Want to increase the capacity of your AGM models?


  • Total capacity: 3 kWh
  • Usefull capacity: 1,5 kWh
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Battery technology: AGM
  • Insulation: IP23
  • Dimensions: 410x560x650 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg

HPOD Mini Brochure

Grenland Energy / Modular and Scalable Li-ion Battery System

Suitable for

Grenland Energy application

Grenland Energy Modular and Scalable Li-ion Battery System

Modular and scalable Li-Ion battery system with adaptive energy to power ratio for maritime and offshore applications

Apart from uncompromised safety and redundancy, space and weight are important factors in maritime and offshore applications.

The right energy to power ratio is the key to the optimal solution.

ENERGY OPTIMIZED battery system

POWER OPTIMIZED battery system

Example: Full electric car ferry

Example: Full electric car ferry

Example: Full electric car ferry

Rarely economically interesting

Example: Hybrid electric offshore supply vessel

Example: Hybrid electric offshore supply vessel

Example: Full electric car ferry
Example: Full electric car ferry

Product benefits
  • Reduced OPEX and CAPEX
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced emissions
  • Enables utilization of renewable energy
  • Improved dynamic response

Main applications
  • For all type of maritime and offshore battery system project, hybrid crane etc.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 580 … 770V
Discharge power 560 kW (approx. 12C)
Charge power 320 kW (approx. 6C)
Pack capacity 54 kWh (max)
Weight approx. 900 kg
Customization Modular and scalable
Grenland Energy Product Sheet

LPS / Low Power System

Suitable for


LPS All In One Power System

GPBM has a complete photovoltaic system for low-power applications. This solar system is available in 2 versions. It allows you powering road lighting, bus stops or even power camping applications etc.

Major features
  • Polycrystalline PV module
  • Lead acid battery
  • Output voltage 12VDC/24VDC
  • No oil.
  • Galvanized steel plate system

Product benefits
  • Plug and play
  • No noise
  • Easily transpotale
  • No maintenance

Main Applications

For all low power applications such as road lighting, bus stop even power camping applications.

Technical Specifications

PV module
Type Polycrystalline
Output power 20W 40W
Type Lead acid
Capacity 12Ah 17Ah
Nominal voltage 12V
Type PWM
System voltage 12V/24V
Max. charge current 5A 10Ah
Max. output current 5A 10Ah
Deep discharge protection Yes
Case type Galvanized steel plate
Output 2x12VDC, 1x5V USB 3x12VDC, 2x5V USB
LPS Product Sheet

K Series / K Series Mobile PV generator

Suitable for

Ikube - Kseries Application

K Series Mobile PV generator

The K series is a convenient and very flexible compact plug, work and play solution, for both indoor and outdoor use. The PV panels can be mounted on the roof or on the ground, depending on what suits best. Ideally, the box with inverter and batteries can be placed indoors, alongside other household appliances or outdoor applications. In K10 and K20 PV modudes can be easily attached to the box using and integrated stand support.

In order to meet different energy requirements, the K series is available in different storage sizes. The K Series solar power generators fit in the trunk of a car, so they can be easily transported.

Product benefits
  • Compact size.
  • Mobility.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Auxiliary power.

Main Applications

The K series suits any indoor or outdoor situation that requires a mobile energy solution, for example a camping car.

Technical information:
K10 K20 K50 K100
PV power (WP) 95 190 500 1000
Number of panels 1 x 95Wp 12 x 95Wp 2 x 250Wp 4 x 250Wp
Inverter power (W) 800 800 800 2400
Batteries (N - V - AH) 1 - 12 - 100 1 - 12 - 145 2 - 12 - 145 2 - 12 - 145
Battery bank capacity (WH) 1200 1740 3480 3480
Box dimensions (cm) 36 x 46 x 40 (h) 36 x 40 x 40 (h) 50 x 50 x 56 (h) 50 x 50 x 56 (h)
Weight (kg) 45 65 110 110

K Series Brochure

X Series / Complete Self-Consumption

Suitable for

Ikube - Fseries Application

X Series
Complete Self-Consumption Photovoltaic and wind system for homes and businesses

The X series is a comprehensive system for households and businesses, including inverter, batteries and all other features required for a ready-to-use system. There is no installation needed; just connect the PV modules, or combine it with a wind turbine for dual-source power generation.

The panels can be installed on the roof or on the ground, and the storage box can be located indoors. The largest model stores 21,6kWh energy in a module smaller than 1 m3. The X series can be customized to suit all possible energy demands. Connect several modules in a parallel system, and add features to meet your customer’s energy demand.

Product benefits
  • More comfort.
  • Immediate free power.
  • Maximized effect to an optimal price ratio.
  • Immediate use.
  • Usage safety.

Main Applications

Households, shops and small businesses etc.

Technical information:
X200 X300 X400 X600
PV power (WP) 2250 3000 4500 6000
No. of panels 9 x 250 12 x 250 18 x 250 24 x 250
Inverter power (W) 3200 4000 6400 8000
Batteries (N - V - AH) 8 - 6 – 225 8 - 6 – 225 8 - 6 – 225 16 - 6 – 225
Battery bank capacity (WH) 10800 10800 10800 21600
Box dimens.(cm) 91x91x101(h) 91x91x101(h) 91x91x101(h) 91x91x101(h)
Weight (kg) 380 380 400 690

X Series Brochure

Windflower / Wind Turbine


Suitable for

Windflower application

Windflower Wind Turbine

The Windflower turbine has many wings, which enable a high torque and an extremely low-speed generator with 14 neodymium magnets. Therefore, the Windflower will track wind faster than other wind turbines on the market, even at an extremely low wind speed.

The rotor is located behind the center of the mast, which means that, whereas a normal turbine often starts spinning during turbulent weather, causing it to lose its effect, the Windflower will never run out of wind, and therefore will not lose power in turbulent winds. It is also storm-proof, thanks to its many wings, and it reaches its maximum speed at 20 m/s. At maximum speed it slows down and starts automatically again when the weather is more stable. This means that it is one of few windmills on the market that can produce power while installed on a roof.

The Windflower is available for DV 24-48V off grid, and 230 on grid. It may be connected to the network, as well as operated with a battery. It can also be interconnected in a series of several Windflowers, depending on the client’s needs.

The Windflower, with its simple yet durable components, has an estimated service life of 25 years.

Product benefits
  • Autonomy and safety.
  • Guaranteed savings.
  • No noise.
  • Minimal impact on the environment.

Main Applications

Suitable for all types of applications, for people who want reliable power, for people who wish to live a more eco-friendly and/or energy-independent life, or simply for use in case of emergency.

Technical information:
Rotor diameter 2m
Weight net / gross 28/32 kg
Home Wind (cut-in) 2 m / s
Power Rating 1000W at 12m/s
Max. power output 1200W at 14m/s
Max. allowed wind speed 50m/s
Voltage DC 24V, 48V

Windflower Brochure - EN

Windflower Brochure - SE

URB0001- URB0003 /
Li-ion Multi-Kilowatt Modules

Suitable for

URB Applications

URB0001- URB0003 Li-ion Multi-Kilowatt Modules

The Multi Kilowatt Modules are large format battery products based on various Lithium Ion chemistries. The chemistry of this group of Multi Kilowatt Modules batteries is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate, offering a very high cycle life and safety characteristics. Nominal voltage for the listed models is 24VDC, with an overall range of 23V to 28.8VDC.

The Multi Kilowatt Modules products have electronic protection circuits and fuel gauging. These advanced designs protect the module against several abuse conditions including: over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, and over-temperature. Additionally, there are several layers of passive protection components designed into the Multi Kilowatt Modules including fusing and over-current breakers.

Product benefits
  • Easy assembling on racks Module
  • Meets demanding requirements of high power devices
  • High energy density for maximum power per kilogram
  • Capable of 3000+ cycles with over 80% retained capacity
  • Rapid charge capability

Main applications
  • Deliver in-line power for telecoms, data centers.
  • Is used as emergency power and remote portable power for personal transport, medical devices or even forklift trucks.
  • Is a practical supplement and reserve power.
  • Is a direct replacement for 1-5kWh lead acid batteries in 24V or 48V applications.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Range 24.0V – 28.8V
Average Voltage 25.6V
Capacity 100Ahr
Max. Discharge 100A continuous
Max. Pulse Discharge 125A for 2 seconds, 200A for 500µSec
Energy 2560Wh
Energy Density 73Wh/Kg
Weight 35Kg (77lb)
Cycle Life >3000 cycles @ 1C to 80% of initial capacity
No Memory Effect
Operating Temperature -20°C to 65°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 70°C
Self-Discharge <5% per month
URB0001- URB0003 Product Sheet

URS0007 / Portable AC Power System


Suitable for

URS0007 application

URS0007 Portable AC Power System

  • Designed for mobile applications such as all type of critical power situation
  • Works as off grid power to provide comfort
  • Can function as a UPS
  • Available in 1.25KWh and 2.5 KWh storage
  • Power 120VAC or 12VDC equipment anywhere

Product benefits
  • Plug and play integration
  • Safe, lightweight Li-Ion battery - fully sealed with no maintenance
  • Full depth of discharge capability, no memory
  • Low self discharge, can store for long periods without recharge

Main applications
  • Disaster Relief – immediate drop in power with several recharge modes
  • Construction Sites – operates power tools
  • Emergency Response – clean reliable power for critical and delicate devices, charged and ready when needed most
  • Residential Power Outages
  • Operates essential equipment offering continuous safety, security and comfort
  • Military - Forward Operating Bases (FOB)
  • Military - Recharge personnel batteries and personal electronics
  • Marine Applications
  • Hunters / Campers / Boaters /Nature Enthusiasts
  • Remote Locations / Portable Lighting
  • Micro-Grid / Off-Grid Power
  • Critical power - industrial & commercial

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Vehicle: 21-36VDC (nominal 24V), 30A max
Solar: 21-45VDC, 45VDC max open circuit voltage, 25A max
Mains/Shore: 115VAC @ 60Hz, 15A max
Outputs / Voltages 5VDC USB Ports (2)
12VDC CIG Outlet (1), 10A max
115VAC @ 60Hz, 500 Watts per outlet pair
Nominal Capacity 1.25kWh @ 1kW rate @ 23°C
Optional larger battery: 2.5 kWh @ 1kWh rate @ 23°C
Discharge Max: 1.0kW continuous of AC
Battery Chemistry Li-Ion Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Size 31.3L X 20.4W X 15.5H
Weight URS0007-01: 145lb (66kg)
URS0007-02: 175lb (80kg)
Cycle Life > 3000 cycles @ 500W to 80% of initial capacity
Operating Temperature Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
Charge: 0ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Self-Discharge ~10% per month
URS0007 Product Sheet

UKT0011 / Portable Battery system


Suitable for

UKT0011 application

UKT0011 Portable Battery system

  • Deliver primary 24 to 33VDC power through shore power while charging the battery box or while keeping the battery box at full charge. -consists of a battery box and charger box
  • System runs on a Universal AC or 25-33VDC input
  • System is loaded with 6 to 12 UBBL10 or UBBL13 batteries (link to the batteries)
Product benefits
  • Provide output power in the event of a primary power failure
  • Rugged case construction
  • Charger can be used as stand alone shore power supply balancing electronics ensures full power usage
  • Test compliances: Mil-STD-810F ; SAE J1455 ; Mil-STD-1275C

Main applications
  • Large power emplacements
  • Backup power applications

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 85-265VAC, 50-60Hz
25-33VDC per MIL-STD-1275
Output Voltage Range 24 to 33VDC, 28.8VDC Nominal
Energy 2.5KWh or 3.1KWh (depending on selected battery)
Output Power 500W Continuous, 700W Peak (fully populated)
Exterior/Housing Aluminum Enclosure
Operating Temperature Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
Charge: 0°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature -32°C to 60°C
Communication UDP over Ethernet
State of Charge Indicator 2 Digit Numeric
UKT0011 Mini Product Sheet

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