Specialist in Battery Solutions

GPBM Nordic-Italy-France has 30 years’ experience in designing powerful batteries for industrial applications. Our products are safe, reliable and used worldwide in various applications, including: security, medical, automotive, telematics, e-lighting, telecoms, robotics, power tools, UPS, etc.

GPBM 30 years of experience

We design, manufacture, test and deliver standard and customized energy storage solutions that may include:

  • + Battery pack
  • + Charger
  • + Electric power converter
  • + Monitoring systems
  • + Cables and accessories

We offer

  • Local Support
    Engineering, sales, logistics, after sales.

  • One stop shop
    A to Z solution provider.

  • Wide range of cells' technologies
    Primary and rechargeable batteries for your applications.
  • Safety and Reliability
    Intensively tested products to meet the international standards.

  • Quality
    ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factories to deliver high quality solutions.
  • Innovation
    Innovative battery design concept.

  • Flexibility
    Flexible production and service capability.

  • Expertise
    30 years of experience.

Our core competencies:



To ensure highest quality and performance, our experts and engineers help you choose the right cell chemistry adapted to your application.
In addition to having our own range of products, we have partnered with many cell manufacturers to provide an extended range of chemistries and sizes. We permanently test and monitor emerging technologies and batteries including Lithium ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lead Acid, etc.



Designing the mechanical parts of the battery is one of our main skills. The mechanical team uses CAE, simulation and prototyping tools to consider all the technical constraints related to the application and the cells technology.
We can support your design challenges in the most critical environments.
Adapting the manufacturing process is included from the early stages to improve the production cost and time.



Our R&D team designs safe and reliable battery solutions. We can support complete solutions for your power needs, including safety components, electronic management boards (PCM or BMS), charging systems and electric power conversion.
Our engineers have extensive experience in various design commercial requirements (UL, IEC, CE, etc.) and can assist with the most critical power projects.


Lithium Battery Transport

All types of lithium ion and lithium metal batteries are considered as dangerous goods by The United Nations (UN). They are classified under CLASS 9 due to their dual hazard properties associated with

their chemical and electrical content. Transport of lithium batteries is subject to regulations based on the UN Model Regulations. UN38.3 (UN DOT 38.3) is the section related to safety

of lithium batteries during shipping.
The Manual of Tests and Criteria states the procedures to be followed to test the cells and batteries for transport safety.

Test T.1: Altitude simulation

Test T.2: Thermal test

Test T.3: Vibration

Test T.4: Shock

Test T.5: External short circuit

Test T.6: Impact

Test T.7: Overcharge

Test T.8: Forced Discharge

Project Management

Project Management

Whether it’s a primary or rechargeable solution, we follow advanced project management processes. We start by defining your needs and analyzing your requirements. Then we develop detailed specifications based on the requirements matrix. Each assignment follows project management phases of V-model including specifying, designing, implementing, testing, prototyping, pre-production and mass production.

Each project phase has its own review stage and key milestone tracking to monitor and analyze scope, time, quality and budget.
Our project managers have skills and experience in evaluating the project progress and planning essential tasks. They coordinate all the business units involved in the project to deliver the end product and follow the project schedule.

We focus on offering you the best solution to meet all
your requirements and make your conceptual ideas
successful products:"




Custom Battery Design

GPBM designs customized rechargeable and primary battery solutions. Please complete our form to help us understand your requirements and provide you the suitable solution for your application.

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